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not all those who wander are lost.

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justin can do whatever the fuck he wants and i’m sick of people saying he can’t, he shouldn’t or whatever else because it’s nothing to do with you lol yes you’re entitled to an opinion but he’s young, he’s single and he’s living life how he wants to and if that includes fucking girls, clubbing, drinking, smoking, partying and everything else that you do at our age then so be it, what you think means nothing to him because he does it any way

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  14. biebersg said: he also has millions of people that look up to him. A lot of little girls too. I have no problem him doing any of that but when it goes public thats when its bad.
  15. nickimlnaj said: Preach! N i’m sure that most of the people thats his age and would get the chance to be in his shoes, would have done it all. The other thing is, HE’S A GUY. A LEGAL ADULT. so haterz stfu!
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