demi-jade, nineteen :
when you say you love me,
know i love you more
so i have quite a few friends here and many blogs that i love for all different reasons. some of you guys have been there when i felt sad, you have made me laugh or i just think you’re a great person. this is my follow forever, my friends, my favourite blogs :-) if i missed anyone i’m sorry, i have so many favourite blogs c:

letsrauhl congratskidrauhl adorauhl ddrews onikasrevenge niggahwolf lookatbiebernow jasonsmcanns willsmiths bieberballs l-lovemelikeyoudo alfredoflowers kisstherains stratfordsfinest biebber allnicki rockmafias royaljustin stratfordcanada yesdrewcanadiancharm worshipjerry unf-drew biebermiracle speakingtongues beautifulsinnerss mybieby jerrydrewbiebs justindrewbieber alfredoflorez kedrauhl march1st blaming-nolan yousforme jbieberdesire falsetos stratfordreams ihearmelodies rightheres cleartomenows sexybieb ohlordbieber kurberry juistin tragedyisadestiny sexgodjustin bieberromance fallbackstupidhoe springsbreaker yolonika nickixazalea + other amazing blogs i follow

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